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July 27th, 2006

11:03 am
Well, I might as well post to this group finally ;p

My name's Kate (Kategod mostly online and such) and I've been a fan of the horror genre many, many years now. I started drawing demons and evil clowns in about 9th grade (So about 1996), and became friends with some other people at school who were artists and liked horror-based stuff. Online I don't have all that much in the way of horror art, but I do have drawings and paintings at home that pretty much focus on that and only that.

Here's some links to pics I do have online that are horror related.
This is a drawing I did back in Chemistry in 10th grade (about 1996 again) because I was bored. While ten years old and crappy as far as drawing skills... I still like it.
I need to draw more clowns. This is just a doodle from about 1999 in an old sketchbook. I think I was going to color it and didn't.
A drawing I did in about 2000. It's kind of cheesy but was drawn to geta laugh out of someone :P
Done in 2003, the first color drawing of my 'fursona'. No real explination for this one.
A drawing I did that was kind of a nod to a famous artist (Who I can't remember the name of now, an artist who drew cats and as his schitzofrenia got worse, made them look more and more demonic/horrific)
An unfinished picture of one of my fantasy-based characters (Syrialila, a warrior). It's a bit too fantasy for me as far as this stuff goes, but it's got blood and a severed head so I'm putting it here.
A pic I drew for the baddragon livejournal community for a project. We were supposed to draw what we're the most afraid of, so I chose death. Kind of a crappy digital pic, but fits for this.

Spanky The Monkey Sells His Soul For White Bread would be the first collaboration/portfolio kind of thing I did with anyone else. This was for a spanish class I had in 12th grade (so about 1998) and we had to make children's books. I had some of my friends help me draw stuff... and I single handedly made it so we couldn't read our books to actual children like the teacher had planned. Teacher liked it anyways, hah. Caution: Filled with inside jokes but still is funny to everyone else anyways :P

I'm hoping to accomplish more progress in the art sector of the horror genre. I fell too much out of it once I was thrust into the furry and fantasy fandoms. I'm pretty sure this will help improve my skills in drawing backgrounds and anatomy, not to mention give me more reason to fix my inking style. I also made this community because frankly, a lot of artists seem to be getting bored with their usual subject matter lately.

Some of my major influences in art (or at least ones I like/respect and try to take influence from) would be H.R. Geiger, Jhonen Vasquez (not all that much since he got way overly popular but he inspired me to draw some stuff at one point), a few of my old highschool friends, movies like the Hellraiser series, Silence of the Lambs, most all slasher movies to some degree, Night of the Living/Dawn of the/Day of the/Land of the Dead, Ichi the Killer, Stephen King's IT, Clive Barker in general, and other stuff I can't think of off the top of my head right now. I'm also inspired by reading about serial killers and other weird real-life people and situations. I don't condone what serial killers do, but it does make for interesting reading/shows. I used to be more inspired by Interview With The Vampire/the Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice but my vampires have moved somewhat away from that world-type.

And right now I have to go read my psychology book and study for a chem test, so I will maybe post later again, Yay!

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July 26th, 2006

09:54 pm - Folio update
One of Seven

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10:02 pm - Intro
Name: Stacy
Typical Art Style:
Comic book inspired anime bastardization. I tend to do "pretty girls" in all manner of situations.
Most Recently Updated Gallery:
Future Plans:
I shall one day be an art goddess, for now I'm just working my way to that goal. Which means promoting myself, and getting well known.
About Me:
I am a 24 year old stay at home mom and freelance artist. I have only had highschool art training, and even then I had my head up my rear end too much to let anything sink in. About 2004 I decided it was time to get serious. (I don't like to count the other 2 years that I was trying to sell my art) So here I am, constantly pushing myself to get better.

Portfolio Piece Plans:
Well my characters in my story "Mist" give way to many horror/gore type situations. They have visions often of themselves being horribly killed, several seem to not have the ability to die, and must suffer as their body pieces it's self back together. Also I have lots of creatures that would love to eat them very messily, add in some vampires (kinda tweaked to fit into my world) and even carnivorous horses, I do not yet know what I will draw, but I have lots of Ideas.

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07:28 pm - Intro #2
X3 Already posted a short blurb at horrorxchange, but I'll do another, here. Hopefully it will be a bit more coherent!

Name: Dray
Typical Art Style:
Sci-fi/fantasy themed work; 'artistic nudes'; and a bent towards vaguely warping the human form (it's not quite furry/anthro stuff, it's more like... digitigrade legs, strange bone structures, and the like); also, dragon-related doodles.
Most Recently Updated Gallery:
Future Plans:
I'm pointing myself towards Character Design (the pre-planning for video games, movies, etc. etc.) or Illustration (magazine/poster/etc. illustrations), but beyond that I haven't got any solid plans. I just like to draw so I'm flying by the seat of my pants, here.
About Me:
I'm a twenty-one year old girl from western Canada, heading into my second year of art college and pretty much just figuring out how responsibility work. O.o' I have a girlfriend whom I love dearly, am not much of a pet or child-loving person, but am definitely a net-head. I love the sci-fi genre, typically the fancy-pantsy soft-core stuff that makes shit up.
Portfolio Piece Plans:
This, I'm still brainstorming on. I'd like to do something with interaction, but am leery of that warning about sex-stuff. >_> I draw naked people on principle, and I don't want anyone to misconstrue something that I do as rape-based, so I may try to actually draw (oh my god) clothing included. Basically, two characters of mine: one ripping the other apart and pinning them up on a corinthian-looking column, probably with something stereo-typically dark and rainy towards the background. >_> It will very likely be done with washes of acryllic paint, so I'm not sure how well it will scan in. But... yeah. That's what's on my mind right now, but I can think up more if it's wanted!

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